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Do you believe something worth doing is worth doing poorly?

Hmmm...I vote yes. Doing something is at least "doing" something. On that note, I'd like to say, "Get to work!...or play," however you view your heart's calling- either way take action. Hey, I get it. No one likes to be told what to do. Yet, I, myself, am doing this very thing I ask of you by following a hunch, that someone needs to read this. So, on that hunch, I sit here tapping out this note on my keyboard- offering you your birth rite to do exactly that which is calling you. I am showing you that I am willing to imperfectly offer this message. Yes, I know I've used the ellipsis poorly 2x by now. What can I say? I like those three little dots...

If I may be so bold- or nosy, what is that one thing that's been on the fringe of your consciousness or the middle of your To-Do list that seems to hover just out of reach? Is it a matter of priorities that's holding you back? Could it be that you simply are waiting for "permission" to put time into Y0UR "Want To-Do" list rather than into your "Need To-Do" list?

If this is the case, then here you go: YOU ARE HEREBY GRANTED PERMISSION to throw caution and bossy voices in your head to the wind so that you may listen to the quieter yet insistent voice calling for your attention. I mean, even this quieter voice is taking action. It is POINTING toward something worth listening to. Truthfully, it doesn't matter if it is a penciled stick figure or the first five words to a masterful poem. It could be numbers quickly scratched onto a napkin, which begins the plan for that trip to Punta Cana. Perhaps it is a note written in colored pencil, letting someone know that

you thought enough of them to TAKE ACTION. Regardless, whether your step of action is small or a leap, a whispered prayer on behalf of a stranger or a plate of brownies offered to a

new neighbor, what IS important is that you have heard and responded to "the call." Even past full-on failure should not silence today's voice. My sister once took a plate of brownies to a new neighbor only to have a shocked and disgusted wife refuse them because her husband was a blind diabetic. Did that awkward moment stop her? Heck no! After the blushing and nervous laughter,

my sister became my hero by winning them over with a basket of vegetables in the months that followed!

Considering the quote, "If at first you don't succeed- try, try, and try again."- Thomas H. Palmer Seems to me like others have discovered value in giving it a go without knowing how it would turn out.

My hope for you today is that you draw that flower...or smiley face, bake that cake...or potato, sing that song...or commercial tune. For after all, action speaks louder words, especially those from the bossy voices that only stay stuck in your head!

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