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Would You Like To Find Rest?

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Today I followed a craving for a blueberry scone and found myself at a local coffee shop and in awe at how quickly a routine ride home from the doctor's office could lean into a moment of wonder. I followed a keen sense that I had wandered into something special and chose to pull out my pen and allow words to drip onto napkins, backs of deposit slips, and a receipt as a souvenir of this 25-minute micro-retreat.

I decided to share these words with you in hopes of inspiring your future "normal" endeavors. May you find yourself transported to an unheralded wonderland of your own, offering exactly what is needed to encourage the next unsuspecting person.


As I write this, I am sitting outside the Tipsy Bean Cafe, under sun-dappled shade at a picnic table which called to me. The temperature here in Erie, PA is not offensively hot, but rather like a warm cocoon of comfort, hugging me in, letting me know I am safe, while encouraging me to breathe and let down my guard.

The coffee I chose is called Road Runner Redeye...I probably should have thought that name through, but I saw vanilla and caramel drizzle listed in colors on the chalkboard. Like sirens beckoning, they seduced me

Am I imagining the quickening of my heartbeat right now? Could be. Most likely not.

In this moment...I am free. I am basking in the serendipity a surprise oasis brings during weeks of "dry days." In my case, dry does not mean arid boredom nor uneventful. The dryness

I'm referring to is the internal effect of running through May and June at breakneck speed without slowing down.

That craziness is what makes today's unexpected rendezvous with myself so refreshing!

This magical retreat, where I carried my caffeinated voltage to, exists under living umbrellas of

leafy umbrella

leafy branches dipping low. My joy at finding a seat with a view turns to grateful calm as I recognize an offer of respite from the world.

The day is in progress and the expected urban noise is present yet not unpleasant. The cars I hear scuttling past aren't within view, due to the cleverly designed back patio and yard space. Though my ears catch the horn of a close rumbling train, the attending birds seem to sense my need for solitude amongst nature.

They entertain with thin-legged chase played out in their hopping about. They enchant with chirped song harmonizing with our city's busy mid-day tune. I am reassured by the sweet tunes blending with muted passing trucks. My tree sentinels dutifully buffer sound and preserve peace, shielding this gem of a discovery.

The melody of this moment reminds me that, although life gets hectic, blessed relief awaits, literally right around the corner. The pearl of wisdom in this moment is a reminder to not only slow down, but to accept the invitation of refreshment.

First time guests enjoying The Tipsy Bean!

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