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Did God ever give you a gift?

Allegheny River photo by Liz Brown

My Mother, my Sister, the River, and Me

Joined here together on the Allegheny

Three women drove from life's singular stream

Birthday gift from a sis, now that Mom is 80

Three women, three streams brought together in love

They laugh, talk, and cry in this gift from above

Looking out through a wall of windows to see

The glorious River float by so swiftly

Its song a reminder: See time passing by

Truth is taught through River's gurgling cry

Plucked from the current of their daily grind

Thanking God He took the time to remind:

"As streams pour into this River so grand

Flow is much stronger than singular strands"

Life is so busy, the days will speed by

If moments aren't seized sharing hot tea and pie

A moment, for instance, to pick one path below:

Cathy took the plunge, I sipped coffee, Mom took pic

Plunge in icey water, sip coffee, or snap photo

Each moment a gift of time spent together

Bundled yet baking in chilly Spring weather

Through cackling laughter and sweets galore

The cry of the River beckons once more

Joy rises again, its beauty reminds

This treasure remains in pockets of time

Yes, water is swift and the current is fleeting

Let us seize the Gift; let us keep on meeting

Three women, three streams flow stronger TOGETHER

In all depth of water, in all kinds of weather

I thank God He is always present to teach

My Mother, my Sister, the River, and Me

Thanks to Sis, Teresa, for her thoughtful gift of time together on the River! And thanks to Mom for sharing this time with us! <3

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