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A Prayer for Summer

I give it all to You

I give them all to You


my vision has clouded

my senses are blurred

Help restore Your clarity

oh my God and Savior


Your Peace is flowing like a river

Help me, Lord

to grab the tube sitting there


propped up against a tree

Help me run with freedom

carefree joy of a child

protected feet that need shielding from sharp rocks

May I run with abandon, tube slung over my shoulder

hand firmly grasping

May my focus not be on the tube

but toward You


Call to me, sweet coolness

Beckon me, spring of adventure

Cry out my name when I have forgotten your whereabouts and my human senses overtake my natural sight and feel of You

As I pass the last four feet of grass to flap across the packed sand on shore

allow me this boundless joyful shriek of anticipated glee

I now toss my tube onto Your clear surface

I fling my body backwards with a hope and no backward glance.

The thick rubber catches my weight with a lighthearted bounce and a sturdy flex

letting me know I am safe

My submerged feet feel the tug of slight undertow

I remember from past floats that "slight" can and does grow in strength

and I am not afraid

because I know Your strength grows even stronger within me

the longer the journey glides on

I am here

I am Yours

I am in GOOD hands

it is time to let go of all I left at the top of the hill when I let my feet tumble forward

into fun and adventure

I am Yours

I am in Your current and You are my guide

I lay my head back and expand my lungs with Your cool air

then slowly exhale the care as my chest settles into Your care

Thank You, Lord

Call me on

Draw me forth

Hold my hand

And we flow forward


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